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Fluid CGI is a 13 year old digital studio filled with thinkers, designers, makers & doers. Our Mission is to offer a unique and successful collaborative model to provide design and creative support services in diverse verticals ranging from the real estate industry to sports. Our team of highly experienced design professionals participate in creating spectacular 3D imagery and animations, bringing versatility into our portfolio. Our projects are making an impact across the world, in the verticals ranging from Residential, Mixed Use, Townships, Aviation, Retail/Business, Healthcare, Hospitality, Education and Institutional projects. Apart from producing Architectural Visualizations. We use the latest technology to create enamoured experiences that capture & spark imaginations. Our unique multi-disciplined team ranges from leading artists to designers, developers and visualizers. We also create cinematic experiences along with interactive AR and VR.

Meet Our Team

A glimpse into some of our exceptional humans

Kainaz Unvalla
Kainaz UnvallaCEO
I am born to create, I am born to nurture. I am a study of contrasts. My martial arts training reflects my belief in the strength of a woman. My graphic design career reflects my gentleness to make the world a more beautiful place.

Quote I live by: “Your Smile is your Logo, your personality is your Business Card, and the way you make others feel is your Trademark”

Sabeela Beegum
Sabeela BeegumAdmin/HR Executive
Words that describe me – Listener, Amiable, Loves Desserts, Wannabe Globe Trotter Quote for Life: “To win the market place first you must win the workplace.”
Biswanath Rath
Biswanath RathProduction Head (3D)
“An artist cannot fail; it is a success to be one.” -Charles Cooley

An Artist by choice. Creative, energetic, hardworking & honest. Creativity enables me to find myself and lose myself at the same time. A Poet, Cook, Daydreamer, Bookworm. All things woven into one.

Quote for Life: “If You stumble, get up, dust yourself off and TRY again”

Jit Gupta
Jit Gupta3D Visualizer
Love Adventure Sports
Love to be surrounded by nature
Obsessed with Animation & Dynamics
Food Lover – especially of Chicken
Bivin Mohan
Bivin MohanTeam Lead/3D Generalist
“Yes, I am an artist.”
no, I don’t just draw.
Love what I do
Question Everything
Always Break the routine
Marvellite & DC lover
‘Ride with Pride’ I am a Bulleteer
Ratnesh Kumar
Ratnesh KumarProject Lead
I am a food lover always trying out different dishes
I love to spend time with my family
Curious to learn new things
Passionate about my work.
Eating Chicken & mutton forever
NIthish Kumar
NIthish Kumar3D Visualizer
I am eager to learn new things.
I never give up until I get something right.
I enjoy meeting new people every day.
I believe customers are the most important part of any business.
Shawn Joseph
Shawn JosephJunior 3D Visualizer
Kid Me: Building Blocks
Adult Me: Visualizing High Rises
From playing building blocks as a child to an adult visualizing high rises.
“YES I am an ARTS lover”
Rony Cleetus
Rony CleetusLead Lighting Artist
I feel I can’t just say I’m an artist, I believe I’m inspired by NATURE” Observe it…
Study for it…
prepare for it…
and DO IT
I always follow the Legends
Basavaraj M
Basavaraj M3D Visualizer
I’m a traveler
I’m a farmer
Believe in smart work rather than hard work,
Interested and love 3D Animation
Sushant Kumar Naik
Sushant Kumar NaikSupport
I’m honest, respectful and trustworthy
Calm attitude of life
Occasionally absent minded too.
Quite resourceful most times
Kumaresan Aandiappa
Kumaresan Aandiappa3D Modelling Head
Yes, I speak less
Silence has more meaning
Nature is the winner always
Do what I Love
Don’t live with illusions

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